MasterGST - User Manual

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How To Configure Invoice Number

step1 :Login into MasterGST using same email and password as you registered.


step2 :After login, click on the clients in the menu bar.

step3 :In clients page,Click on company name for which you want to configure invoice number .


step4 : In redirected page click on the invoice/upload from the left side menu.

step5 :The new page consist of two tabs one is On Invoice Creation Submit to GST and the other one is On Approve Only Submit to GST. Select the one you want.


step6 :Enter for which finacial year you want configure and enter start invoice number(number starting) field and endinig invoice number(ending number) and click on the save button.

step7 :On clicking save button this data will be available inin the below table.


step8 :And when you are adding any invoice with this company , the invoice number field is automatically configured and filled .


Now the invoice nummber configured for that companey. This process is same for all the configurations.