MasterGST - User Manual

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Multi GSTIN Reports

step1:Login into MasterGST using same email and password as you registered.


step2:Click on the ADMIN in the menu bar.In ADMIN, click on Multi GSTIN Reports.


step3:In Multi GSTIN Reports go to ADD GSTN and fill in 'ADD GSTN' part of the application with gst numbers and separating them with comma.

add_gstn_img add_multi_gst_img

step4:In Multi GSTIN Reports you can add GSTIN by going to IMPORT and select the require file for the application and 'IMPORT' the GSTN.

import_img import_gst_img import_file_img

step5:The GSTN will be shown in the table click on the check-box in left side and click on VALIDATE to validate the GSTN and get all details related with the GSTN like company name, taxpayer type, status etc.


step6:You can check the GSTN and all details related with it by clicking on GSTIN.


step7:You can download the GSTN and all details related with it in excel sheet by clicking on EXCEL.

excel_img save_excel_img

step8:To delete the GSTN first click on the check-box in left side the go to DELETE.


This is the steps how Multi-GSTIN works